Countdown to the big day, November 27, 2022.

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Half Marathon

Distance: 21.1 km
Minimum Age Eligibility: 18 years on the Race Day (born on or before 04-12-2004)
Fees: ₹ 1500/- (+GST)
Running the Half Marathon is an experience like none other and finishing it is immensely rewarding. It comes with its own set of physical and mental challenges; therefore, it requires rigorous training. We will help you train, encourage and celebrate your special run along the way.


Distance: 10 km
Minimum Age Eligibility: 14 years on Race Day (born on or before 04-12-2008)
Fees: ₹ 850/- (+GST)
Finishing a 10K run is a testimonial to your fitness. Committed training can help you achieve this goal. We have personalised training plans to gear up for this. Time to take on the 10K. Get Set Go.


Distance: 5 km
Minimum Age Eligibility: 12 years on Race Day (born on or before 04-12-2015)
Fees: ₹ 600/- (+GST)
The 5K run also is timed. We encourage families also to participate in a bid to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It provides a platform to runners to push themselves. This one is no less demanding and requires adequate training.

3K: Fun and Family Run

Distance: 3 km
Minimum Age Eligibility: 10 years on the Race Day (born on or before 04-12-2016)
Fees: ₹ 350/- (+GST)
The Fun & Family Run is possibly the coolest run. This is the time to walk/run with your best buddy, challenge your spouse or that neighbour. This one suits all.

This is more like a fitness picnic

Or a platform to dress your best

Raise funds for a cause

Or take that first step towards fitness..!!

Let’s get #firseyfit together.

This addition is tailor-made for an unforgettable experience for all of the above and more. Not a bad idea even if you decide to club them all!