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AP Globale

We are a privately owned impact driven group, spanning over eighty years with principal operations in Skilling & Education, Funding, Media, Advisory & Consulting and Community Transformation. We put our values to work in the service of making the world a better place, everyday.

As a business leader, we believe in reshaping the way of doing business from being profits-driven only, to actually committing to the wellbeing of our community, by enhancing spiritual and material growth.

Our goal is to ensure that every citizens’ quality of life is improved in harmony with nature.


fitpage is a robust technology driven endurance-first platform.

We use in-depth exercise science & nutrition science at the helm of making decisions for any personalised cardiorespiratory training solutions.


Wellness has its benefits. But often it is a challenge for people to chalk out the right methodology to achieve the required. Many do not know from where to start. And then, there is another lot, fitness freaks, who love to train hard and run. Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon caters to both.

The event is the culmination of the programme in its entirety. We provide our participants with a platform — to know your goals and set them, to compete and reach your destination. We have tied up with the best training company, The Run SMART Project, to provide the runners with a highly curated and personalised training programme to ensure they challenge the physical boundaries by expanding the mental perimeter. We also provide customised yoga training for the participants in synch with their objectives.

The Run

Running in India has grown over the years and so has city-based marathons in the country. The running improvements were illustrated in the country’s glory in Athletics at Jakarta, during the Asian Games 2018. Like any other marathons, the aspects of physical fitness, mental wellness, cause, charity, socialising, inspiring, etc. will also remain at the centre for Pune Half Marathon, however, there will be added focus on training as wellness is a continuous process.

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon promises to be a truly world-class event, promoting running in the city and wellness. There are four race categories — Half Marathon | Timed, 10K | Timed, 5K | Timed, 3K | Fun & Family Run: You set your own time.

The alarming aforementioned numbers on adolescents encouraged us for The 10 km Run and the Family Run. The Family Run encourages children to participate in the running event and aims to inculcate the concept of wellness in them from a young age. Families are encouraged to come out, have fun and take back an unforgettable experience.